13 December  Solent CG requested observation on an upturned hull reported by an MoP in the estuary which could be a danger to shipping. Positive ID reported to Solent CG. Falling tide revealed that the obstruction was the bow of a historic vessel wreck. Solent CG informed. No further action.

17 November  Watchkeepers observed kitesurfer in difficulty drifting south and west. Solent CG informed of situation and position. Two phone calls to Tower from MoP reporting same incident. ILB launched to assist and returned kitesurfer to shore. No further action.

11 November  Yacht observed aground east of Dawlish Warren within buoyed channel. No sign of distress. Solent CG informed and requested to monitor situation. Yacht refloated on rising tide and monitoring continued. Yacht reached mooring buoy. Solent Cg informed. No further action.

12 October  Solent CG phoned to request observation on a paddleboarder reported to be in difficulty in the region of the sailing club. No sighting observed but continued monitoring requested by Solent CG. Solent CG later rang to report paddleboarder safely on shore and observation no longer required.

11 October  15ft tree trunk sighted in channel on outgoing tide. Solent CG informed and requested continuing observation. Solent CG to arrange removal. Solent CG unable to arrange removal but will put out a radio warning to shipping. Tree trunk later beached 600m from lookout. Solent CG informed and requested we contact EDDC for removal. EDDC later removed tree trunk from beach. Solent CG informed.

10 October  Solent CG requested observation on kitesurfer reported to be in difficulty by Buoys 2&3. Negative sighting reported but continued to monitor. Exmouth ILB launched to pick up kitesurfer by Buoys 7&8. Exmouth ILB reported kitesurfer and board safely returned to shore. 

9 October  Channel 65 radio call to Tower from yacht reporting that he had run aground on Pole Sands but in no danger and would refloat on rising tide. No assistance required. Informed Solent CG who requsted hourly updates. Soon after yacht refloated. Solent CG informed. No further action. 

23 September  Call from Solent CG to request observation on a call from MoP who had reported a kitesurfer in difficulty in Exe Estuary by Buoy 17. Reported to Solent CG that no kitesurfer was visible but field of vision was limited in that area. Solent CG launched Exmouth ILB to investigate. Exmouth ILB reported that kitesurfer had self-recovered. No further action.

5 September  Call from MoP to report that her dog had fallen over the cliff near Orcombe Point. MoP advised to call Coastguard on 999. Watchkeepers contacted Solent CG and advised that they had visual on cliff face at Orcombe Point. Solent CG requested Exmouth NCI monitor. Later message received from Exmouth CRT confirming the dog had been rescued. 

28 August  Solent CG requested observation on a yacht in transit from Southampton to Dartmouth which had suffered engine failure and was proceeding under sail. Solent CG informed nothing visual on yacht – Exmouth NCI advised by Solent CG that yacht was in good order and proceeding to Dartmouth. No further action.

25 August  Solent CG phoned to request observation on a report from member of the public that a cabin cruiser had been seen off Exmouth flashing a light. Watchkeepers carried out a search and reported to Solent CG no sign of a cabin cruiser in distress observed. No further action.

12 August  Solent CG rang to request observation on a kitesurfer reported to be in difficulty near Exmouth RNLI station. Watchkeepers observed kitesurfer near Orcombe Point under way and reported to Solent CG – observation continued. Solent CG then advised that kite was down and board abandoned with no person visible. Reported to Solent CG that kayaker was in attendance. Solent CG reported that ILB had been launched. Watchkeepers reported to Solent CG that kitesurfer was heading for shore and no longer visible. No further action.

12 August  Yacht reported engine failure to Solent CG and requested assistance. ILB launched and Exmouth NCI requested to observe. AWL launched. Both AWL and ILB stayed with yacht to await high water before facilitating tow to moorings. AWL escorted yacht back to moorings. Solent CG informed. No further action.

6 August  Watchkeepers received call from Teignmouth NCI reporting yacht very close to Parsons Nose/Shag Rock and requesting observation from Exmouth lookout to ascertain possible grounding. No movement observed from yacht’s position. After discussion with Teignmouth NCI, Solent CG informed who requested observation to continue. Local RIB from Teignmouth alongside and assisted yacht to refloat. Solent CG informed and no further action. 

5 August  Three + swimmers observed by watchkeepers swimming across to Pole Sands in the path of vessels using the channel. Ch65 radio message also received from yacht in the vicinity reporting the danger. Solent CG informed who requested continuing monitoring and also instructed RNLI beach lifeguards to intervene. Lifeguards jet-ski established swimmers had returned to the beach. No further action.

3 August  Watchkeepers observed one adult and one child in possible danger of being stranded on the seaward side of Pole Sands. No sign of distress – Solent CG informed who requested observation continued. Speedboat picked up adult and child and headed towards Dawlish. Solent CG informed. No further action.

28 July  Watchkeepers observed yacht appearing to be in difficulty approaching Exe Buoy. Solent CG informed – watchkeepers asked to monitor. Yacht entered fairway and made slow progress towards the Marina. Solent CG informed that yacht was out of difficulty.

28 July  Solent CG requested observation on a report from MoP of a yacht appearing to be in difficulty east of Dawlish Warren. Vessel previously logged out of Exmouth sighted 220 degrees from Tower making progress towards Shag Rock. Solent CG informed. Watchkeepers contacted Teignmouth NCI to request if they had visual on yacht. Teignmouth NCI observed yacht heading towards Babbacombe with no difficulty. Solent CG informed. No further action.

23 July  Solent CG requested check of log book records to identify a RIB washed up in Ladram Bay. Watchkeepers found a potential match to the RIB as passing the Tower on Sunday 22 July. Solent CG informed. Later call from Solent CG to say that owner had been found and that RIB had been stolen. No further action.

13 July  Solent CG requested observation by watchkeepers on a report of a yacht beached at Rodney Point. Nothing visible from the Tower. Exmouth ILB launched to tow yacht off the beach and later observed being towed into Exmouth Marina.

15 June  MoP reported to watchkeepers a small rockfall on Sandy Bay beach which could be a hazard to walkers. Solent CG informed and they passed the information to EDDC for action.

11 June  Watchkeepers observed speedboat with engine failure at entrance to channel with two occupants requesting help. Incident reported to beach lifeguards and RNLI jet ski sent out to support speedboat. Speedboat contacted Solent CG to report broken gearbox and drifting. Passing vessels offered tow and RNLI ILB launched. Speedboat returned to marina under tow and ILB returned occupants.

6 June  Solent CG advised of approx 15 young persons tombstoning off Mamhead slipway having previousy contacted RNLI beach lifeguards, who advised watchkeepers to contact Solent CG. CRT called out to attend and advise. CRT attended and tombstoners left site. Solent CG informed.

6 June  Solent CG requested if yacht with red sails about 2 nm off Dawlish Warren was visual. Confirmed yacht was visible bearing 195 about 3 to 4 miles heading East. One PoB in stern and all appeared to be in order. Later reported to Solent CG that yacht making steady progress in easterly direction. NFA.

3 June  Solent CG requested if yacht ‘Grace’ aground on bearing 115 was visible. Advised it was visible but in no danger – sitting on bilge keel. Solent CG requested continual observation. ‘Grace’ later refloated and returned to Exmouth. Reported to Solent CG.

31 May  Solent CG requested if 22ft long yacht ‘Loose Breaker’, drifting off Dawlish, was visible in poor visibility having received a PAN PAN call with one PoB and no VHF. Reported visual but visibility reducing. Visibility continued to reduce. Sidmouth and Exmouth ILBs in attendance.  Exmouth ILB towed casualty into Exmouth where ambulance was in attendance.

28 May  Watchkeepers observed 5 persons (3 children, 2 adults) on Pole Sands with grounded inflatable awaiting assistance. Solent CG informed and observation continued. Exmouth ILB tasked to assist – 5 persons taken ashore and inflatable recovered.

19 May  Watchkeepers observed motor launch drifting with stopped engine. Reported to Solent CG. A short while later the engine was restarted and the motor launch headed into Exmouth harbour at slow speed. Solent CG informed. No further action.

9 May  Watchkeepers observed yacht drifting off Exe Buoy and monitored slow drift towards No 5 buoy. Solent CG informed and later that yacht was under tow and dinghy that had come loose had been recovered. Solent CG informed yacht returned to marina under power. No further action.

21 April  MoP reported stranded shark in rock pools opposite RNLI station. Report passed to Solent CG who confirmed they would act. MoP and ukstrandings.org also informed of action taken. Shark returned to the water by MoP.

10 April  Watchkeepers contacted by Solent CG to request observation on a motor boat reported adrift in the Exe estuary. Vessel being towed by Exmouth Harbourmaster to mooring buoy near Marina entrance. Observation stood down.

2 April  Watchkeepers Dick Barton and Jan Stobo contacted by Solent CG and requested to observe a paddleboarder who had been reported by MoP possibly to be in difficulty off Dawlish Warren. Paddleboarder identified walking on Pole Sands. Solent CG informed and observation continued. Solent CG telephoned again to request observation on another report by MoP of a paddleboarder in difficulty. Nothing identified but paddleboarder returned to shore shortly after. Solent CG informed.

29 March  Watchkeepers Dick Barton and Val Ayling contacted by Solent CG and requested to observe a swimmer who had been reported possibly to be in difficulty off Dawlish Warren. An indistinct sighting had been reported to the CG. Watchkeepers reported to Solent CG that the object under observation appeared to be a barrell. Observation continued and CG helicopter was deployed in search. Exmouth NCI eventually stood down while CG helicopter continued search.

22 March  Watchkeepers Zan Nye, Ian Coupe and Hugh De Souza observed a large piece of wood 3 – 4 metres in length drifting past the Tower on the outgoing tide. Reported to Solent CG who logged it as under local observation – no further action.

25 February  Watchkeepers John Cox and Andrew Swann contacted by Solent CG to request observation of a windsurfer who had been reported to possibly have been in difficulty. Observation continued until windsurfer returned to shore.

24 February  Member of public (MoP) contacted watchkeepers Siobhan Dobbs and Jan Saunders to report a kayak that had gone adrift off Budleigh beach and heading towards Exmouth. Solent CG informed of incident, description of kayak and contact details of MoP. Exmouth CRT were tasked to retrieve the kayak.

7 January  Member of public (MoP) reported to watchkeepers Barry Davis and Karen Goldby a beached dolphin on the west side of Sandy Bay. MoP given Solent CG number to ring and Exmouth NCI informed British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) directly. BDMLR rang Exmouth NCI to say they were sending a medic to attend and a radio message from HMCG Exmouth Mobile unit reported that they were also attending.

7 January  Watchkeepers Ivor Jones and Brian Roberts observed a partially submerged object, possibly a small boat, opposite the Tower on an ebbing tide. Solent CG informed and the ILB tasked to investigate. Exmouth NCI lost sight of the object, which could not be located by the ILB, and the incident was closed.

1 January  To welcome in the New Year watchkeepers Ian Coupe and Siobhan Dobbs reported to Solent CG a small dinghy, approx 2m long, washed up on the beach in front of the Premier Inn. Solent CG tasked the ILB to examine. NCI Exmouth reported details to the EDDC Beach Safety Officer. ILB suggested that HMCG report details to EDDC Street Scene. Solent CG requested contact details from Exmouth NCI. 

p.o.b. – persons on board

m.o.p. – member of public

RHIB – reinforced hull inflatable boat

ILB – Inshore Life Boat