Survey Vessel

Have you seen this vessel in the Exmouth Marina? It is the survey vessel Titan Discovery and this is what she is doing in the area.


Presentation Team

Exmouth Coastwatch were invited to give a presentation to the Wonford Coffee morning Group who hold their meetings at Wonford Methodist Church in Exeter. We gave a history of the Institution and the role our volunteer watchkeepers play as part of the Search and Rescue infrastructure,  keeping this part of Lyme Bay safe. Thank you for the coffee, cake and questions!

If you know of a club, society or group that just meets for coffee we would be pleased to come along to give you a presentation.

January Presentations

Congratulations to John Melton on the award of his Five Years Service Badge. Seems like only yesterday ……….!!  And to Andy Silk on the award of his Certificate of Achievement and epaulettes on becoming a new watchkeeper.

Incident – Rowing Boat Adrift

Watchkeepers called Solent CG to report a vessel adrift and being carried on outgoing tide. CG confirmed already aware and requested NCI keep under observation. Watchkeeper walked along coast to try to keep vessel in sight. Visual lost beyond Orcombe Point. CG advised vessel had drifted out to sea.

RIB Adrift

“New Years Day and Exmouth Coastwatch first incident of the year! Watchkeepers were monitoring the Exmouth buoyed channel when they noticed a RIB which had stopped near to number 3 buoy. Solent Coast Guard then transmitted a pan pan call to a white and blue RIB which had broken down in the Exmouth channel. The casualty had no VHF radio although the sole occupant was wearing a life jacket and had flares. Coastguard was contacted and told that this casualty was under observation by watchkeepers and asked to continue to monitor the situation. An hour passed by and the Coastguard was informed that the casualty was still in the same position and the weather was changing. The Inshore Exmouth RNLI Lifeboat was launched and the casualty was towed into Exmouth marina to be met by Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team who assessed the welfare of the casualty. Great work by our Search and Rescue colleagues in a coordinated effort. Exmouth Coastwatch was thanked by Solent Coastguard as being their eyes during this incident.”

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A reminder to boat owners to use Ch65 for radio checks…..



Incident – RIB Adrift

Watchkeepers observed RIB stopped in channel. Pan Pan broadcast by Solent CG re-RIB broken down. NCI confirmed to CG that they had RIB visual. Later call to CG advising RIB still adrift. Informed vessel has no VHF radio, but occupant has adequate clothing, lifejacket and flares. CG in contact via mobile radio. Exmouth ILB launched and towed RIB to Marina for CRT check. Pan Pan cancelled by Solent CG.