Incident – Missing Kitesurfer

Beach lifeguard requested Exmouth NCI help in search for possible missing kite surfer. Nothing immediately visible nor on later second sweep. Lifeguard resolved situation and NCI stood down.

Incident – Capsized Kayak

Watchkeeper relayed call from MoP to Solent CG re-upturned inflatable kayak off Langstone Rock with possible casualty. Continued to observe and update CG. Lifeguard jetski dispatched to retrieve inflatable off No 3 buoy. No casualty. Advised Solent CG and MoP. All units stood down.

Incident – Bathers In Red Flag Area

Watchkeeper observed bathers with children using body boards and rubber ring in red flag zone on outgoing tide. Contacted RNLI Lifeguard who attended and spoke to bathers who left the water.

Local Notice to Mariners 15/20

Depths in the approach channel have changed

Number: 15/20 Date: 20 July 2020

Notice is hereby given that the depths in the approach channel have changed. The area has been surveyed and a new channel is being planned with the assistance of the UKHO.

We are working to move the channel within the next coming month, weather dependant.

Mariners are advised to navigate with extreme caution when entering/leaving the Estuary.

For further advice please contact the harbour office on;


Telephone: 01395 223265

Incident – Inflatables Adrift

Watchkeeper advised Lifeguard of pink inflatable rubber ring spotted adrift on outgoing tide. No obvious POB. Also observed large silver rubber ball floating out on ebb tide. Both inflables retrieved by Lifeguard.

Incident – Jet Ski In Difficulty

Watchkeeper monitored report from Teignmouth NCI re-jet ski with engine failure and taking on water. Reported to Solent CG that Exmouth NCI had visual contact. Exmouth ILB launched and contacted Exmouth NCI to confirm bearing and distance. Exmouth ILB took jet ski under tow. Tow subsequently transferred to Teignmouth ILB.

Thank You

EXE KITEBOARDERS – Thank you so much for your generous donation helping to support Exmouth NCI Coastwatch.

Incident – Swimmers In Difficulty

Watchkeeper observed two males swimming in fast outgoing tide and being carried out past No 10 buoy. Contacted beach lifeguards who launched jet-ski to pick them up. Swimmers returned safely to beach by lifeguards.

Incident – Swimmers In Diffculty

Watchkeeper observed three males in small, apparently unstable inflatable close to No 10 buoy and being carried east on outgoing tide. Lifeguard informed and contacted again when men signalled for help. RIB attended and towed inflatable to safety. Lifeguard subsequently spoke to casualties.

Webcam Back

First the scaffold was supplied and erected by Avocet Heron scaffolding with thanks to Mike Nield for the hire without excess charges. With thanks to David Matthews of ElectroCam UK for his work to re-establish quality images on the web cam following a factory re-set and then a long delay to replace the dome covering the camera due to unavailability. To MPS Windows – many thanks for replacing free of charge an important window lock that facilitates air flow for watchkeepers when on duty. Finally to our Watchkeepers, Ian Coupe and Dave Marten, who provided support by opening up the web cam for the factory re-set and replacing the dome.
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