Incident – Capsized Dinghy

Watchkeeper requested by water taxi to monitor small dinghy capsized in estuary and having difficulty. Observed until dinghy safely moored. Advised water taxi.

Incident – Capsized Kayak

Watchkeeper advised Solent CG of kayaker sighted with one person in water. PWC (jet ski) endeavouring to assist also capsized. ILB tasked to incident. Water taxi first on scene recovered casualties and landed them safely ashore.

Yacht In Difficulty

Watchkeeper called HMCG re-small yacht broaching in channel and in obvious difficulty, drifting towards Pole Sands. ILB tasked. Yacht “Damselfly” offered help and reported “Arwen” engine failure. Towed to safety. HMCG advised and ILB stood down.

Swimmer In Difficulty

RNLI called asking NCI to monitor swimmer in difficulty by No10 buoy. Swimmer made it safely ashore.

Yacht Adrift

Watchkeeper observed yacht in difficulty at Exe Estuary Buoy. Advised HMCG and asked to monitor. Confirmed to HMCG that yacht clearly had steering problems and ILB launched. Yacht towed to safety with lost rudder.

Incident – Red Flares

CG requested any sightings following multiple reports of red flares in sea area south of Sandy Bay. Nothing visible from NCI station. Advised CG of further call from MoP to NCI confirming sightings of red flares/smoke. AWLB and ILB launched and motor boat with engine fire was eventually towed to safety. See RNLI website.

Incident – Paddleboarder In Difficulty

Exe Rowing Club advised watchkeeper of paddleboarder and dog in difficulty in fast current by Fairway buoy. Nothing sighted by NCI. Contacted Lifeguard who launched PWC and assisted paddleboarder and child to shore. 


As there are currently no red flags on Exmouth beach and no RNLI Lifeguards on duty, we have today placed a warning sign on the slipway next to Coastwatch House indicating the no bathing zone which runs from that point  400 metres East towards the Lifeboat Station. We ask any bathers to please adhere to this warning and avoid this dangerous area at all times!

A further warning notice and map can be seen on our noticeboard.


Local Notice to Mariners 17/20

Notice is given that the following local Notices to Mariners has now been cancelled:

16/20 – Number 12 buoy light is now rectified.

Incident – Kitesurfer In Difficulty

Watchkeeper contacted Lifeguard following siting of kitesurfer signalling in difficulty in strong ebb tide. Jet ski launched and surfer remounted board. Kitsurfer safely ashore.

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