Local Notice to Mariners 14/21

Underwater obstructions notification

Mariners are advised that there are a number of historic sunken vessels between Starcross and Lympstone Sands. The majority of these vessels have been in place for a considerable time.

Please find below the positions of these vessels and a brief description. Masters of vessels are advised to proceed with caution in these areas.


N 50° 38.253′ W 003° 26.880′
Possible remains of a small motorboat, pulpit just breaks the surface at LWS. There is a single faded A3 mooring buoy attached to the pulpit. Lying in about 4ft water at LWS.

N 50° 37.882′ W 003° 26.666′
Upturned hull, forefoot a few inches below surface at LWS so never visible. Lying in about 5ft water at LWS.

N 50° 37.572′ W 003° 26.590′
24′ mast less yacht, sharp bow roller a few inches below surface at LWS, cockpit buried in sand, marked with 4 x blue/yellow A3 mooring buoys stationed around the wreck and 1 x black/red buoy attached to wreck. Lying in about 5′ of water at LWS.

N 50° 37.832′ W 003° 26.785′
18′ mast less yacht, coach roof just above sand, dries at LWS. Marked by a single black/red A4 mooring buoy.

Exeter Port Authority is working with vessel owners (where they can be identified) fundus holders, land owners, District Councils and mooring associations on the estuary with regards to the possible removal of these and other wrecks or otherwise abandoned vessels.
Vertical lights on Trout’s Pontoon

Notice is hereby given that the two green vertical lights on Trout’s Pontoon at Topsham are now

Notice 08/21 is hereby cancelled.

In The Air

Two low-flying Chinook helicopters seen by one of our watchkeepers over Dawlish Warren this afternoon.

Local Notice to Mariners 13/21

Notice is hereby given that Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd will be installing a beach access ramp alongside the new Sideshore facility in Exmouth. Works on the beach will include pile driving, placement of concrete deck units and the erection of timber handrails, together with the associated movements of tracked plant and equipment.

All works will be undertaken in the dry, without the use of floating plant. The start on site date is Tuesday 4th May and they anticipate that the work will take 6 to 7 weeks to complete.

Construction of beach ramp –

50°36.7022’N 03°24.4106’W

50°36.7159’N 03°24.4848’W

50°36.6964’N 03°24.4893’W

50°36.6856’N 03°24.4076’W

50°36.7022’N 03°24.4106’W

For further information please contact Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd on 01626 866 066

Local Notice to Mariners 12 /21

Notice is hereby given that Safe Water buoy “Exe” is now on station at the entrance to the Exe Estuary. Position Lat. 50° 35.895N – Long. 003° 23.736W

Notice 5/21 is hereby cancelled.

The following lateral marks have been repositioned within the main channel leading to the Exe Estuary.

No.4 Port lateral buoy. Lat. 50° 36.186N – Long. 003° 23.996W.

No.5 Starboard lateral buoy. Lat. 50° 36.306N – Long. 003° 23.958W.

No.6 Port lateral buoy. Lat. 50° 36.291N – Long. 003° 24.024W.

Mariners are reminded to update pilotage plans for entering or leaving the Estuary.

Incident – Kitesurfer In Difficulty

ERC sculler on Ch 65 reported he required assistance, having picked up kiteboard near Marina. Kitesurfer currently on Pole Sands. Watchkeeper contacted Lifeguards and PWC attended. No help required as RIB exiting Marina had collected board and returned it to kitesurfer. NFA required.

Local Notice to Mariners 11/21

Notice is hereby given that given that No.14 port lateral buoy (red unlit) is now back in position. Notice 10/21 is hereby cancelled.

Notice is hereby given that on the 20th of April, essential maintenance is due to be undertaken on the approaches to the Exe Estuary Channel.

On the 21st work will be undertaken to deepen the channel in the region of No.21 starboard
lateral buoy.

Masters of vessels are requested to proceed with caution at both areas on both dates.

Incident – Capsized Kayak

In response to request from HMCG, watchkeeper confirmed no visual on capsized kayak in River Exe. ILB launched and ambulance requested. Radio activity monitored by watchkeeper. Casualty taken to hospital and SAR assets stood down.

Low Tide

During the recent very low tides one of our watchkeepers, with her back to the sea, took this photo of the coast off Exmouth showing Rodney Point to Orcombe Point.