All Weather Lifeboat

In full view of the lookout, our colleagues from the RNLI  carrying out maintenance on the All Weather Lifeboat R and J Welburn, with Coastwatch House in the background.


Seen Through The Mist

The unmistakable shape of the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales, seen by our watchkeepers through the optics in the lookout before disappearing into the mist in the Bay.


Estuary Visitor

Taken by one of our watchkeepers in the estuary – the multicat vessel ‘Effy D’. She is a multifunctional all-purpose vessel, ideally suited for near-shore and shallow water operations and can, if needs be, get stranded on mud flats between tides.

Shifting Sands

During the recent high/high and low/low tides one of our watchkeepers, on a walkabout near the Docks, took these photos of Pole Sands and the Western Channel, a different aspect from what we normally see from the Lookout.









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