Presentation – Bicton College

NCI Exmouth Presentations Team gave a talk to students of Bicton College Military and Protective Services Academy yesterday.
These students undertake a diploma in Entry to the Uniformed Services course at the college as they commit to the National Citizenship Services programme.

Kirsty And Phil

NCI Exmouth had a couple of well known visitors to our lookout this morning. Filming nearby for Channel 4’s Location Location Location,  Kirsty Allsopp and Phil Spencer spoke to our duty watchkeepers, viewed our optics, were impressed with the views we have and the job we do.
Thank you for your visit.

New Watchkeeper

Congratulations to Dave T on becoming our latest watchkeeper to qualify. Welcome to the ever increasing team of watchkeepers at NCI Exmouth

Incident – Loss of Power

NCI heard ILB tasked to incident adjacent No17 buoy. NCI had visual on CCTV. HMCG advised of continued observation. Casualties recovered to Starcross by ILB.

Incident – Yacht In Difficulty

Yacht ‘Sea Pigeon’ contacted Exmouth NCI concerned that yacht was entangled with mooring buoy. NCI informed HMCG and that Exeter Harbour Master will assist. NCI advised ‘Sea Pigeon’ to liase with Harbour Master on Ch12. Notification from vessel ‘City of Exeter’ on Ch65 that ‘Sea Pigeon’ freed and underway. NCI informed CG.

Incident – Engine Failure

Yacht ‘Lapelle’ called NCI on Ch65 to advise speedboat ‘Looney’s Leisure’ broken down at channel mouth. NCI informed HMCG. Beach Lifeguard jet ski set out to casualty and Exmouth ILB launched. ILB quickly alongside casualty and towed ‘Looney’s leisure’ to marina.

Local Notice to Mariners 26/21

Notice is hereby given that No.27 starboard lateral mark (FL.G.5S) has been repositioned.

The new position is as follows: 50°38.675’N 003°26.993’W

Local Notice to Mariners 25/21

Notice is hereby given of the Exe Hammer Paddle Challenge will take place on the 18th of September 2021 organised by Edge Watersports.

Up to 90 paddleboards are expected to attend this event. The race will start and finish off the seafront (opposite the Watersports centre) between 10.00am and 10.30am. The course will take competitors up the river towards Starboard lateral mark number 13.

Masters of vessels are requested to keep clear of the paddleboard racing in this area during this event.

Local Notice to Mariners 24/21

Notice is hereby given that No.21 starboard lateral mark (Q.G) has been repositioned. The new position is as follows:



Incident – Recovered Unmanned SUP

NCI advised by MoP that unmanned SUP board recovered. HMCG informed by NCI. NCI later confirmed to HMCG that SUP board now claimed.

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