New Watchkeeper

Following on from the recent service awards NCI Exmouth welcomes another new watchkeeper. Congratulations to Ray who received his epaulettes outside Coastwatch House on completion of his watch today.

Service Awards

Several presentations were made at a recent General Meeting held at The Ocean, Queen’s Drive, Exmouth. The talented “Class of 2016” all received their 5 year service awards. In addition to their watchkeeping duties they also undertake other roles (from L-R): Ian (recently retired Tower Officer but remains as Deputy Tower Officer), Marion (Trainer & Assessor), Dave (Deputy Tower Officer), Sandy (Trainer), Steve (Technical & IT) and Ivor (Station Manager).


In addition, the following are to be congratulated on their long service awards: John for 10 years service, Paul (one of our Trainers and Assessors) for 15 years service and Martyn (who recently transferred from NCI Prawle Point) for 10 years service.

Four other watchkeepers who were due to have their 5 year service awards presented but were unable to be present are: Siobhan (Dutyman Officer), Mary (Membership Officer), Andy and Tim.

Our thanks to all for their commitment to NCI Exmouth.


Opening Times

From Sunday 31 October NCI Exmouth watchkeepers will be manning the lookout from 0900 – 1630.


Incident – Fishing Boat in Difficulty

Fishing boat ‘One Good Day’ requested assistance from Falmouth CG. Advised to call Solent CG. Following two failed attempts by Solent CG to contact fishing boat, NCI rang to confirm log-out details from Exmouth. Teignmouth NCI confirmed coordinates but no sighting possible. Teignmouth ILB launched. Casualty located by Exmouth NCI on Sideshore CCTV. ILB escorted casualty to safety.

Incident – Dinghy Adrift

NCI contacted by MoP to report a dinghy drifting unmanned in the Exe estuary. NCI had visual of dinghy on CCTV. HMCG informed. CG confirmed they would take any necessary action.

EDDC Meeting

Station Manager Ivor Jones and Deputy Station Manager Hugh DeSouza were invited to take part in the East Devon District Council meeting and speak in the Queens Drive Delivery Group this morning.
To view their presentation click here and view the segment between 22:56min and 1:26:00min.

MP Visit

We had a visit to the lookout by Simon Jupp MP. He spoke to the duty watchkeepers and met Station Manager Ivor Jones who explained to him our work and how we integrate with HM Coastguard.
He said of our work:

“It was a pleasure to visit Exmouth Coastwatch and learn about their great work. I’d like to thank all the volunteers involved who work incredibly hard to keep us safe at sea and on the beach. They have my full support and I’m looking forward to raising awareness of their work in East Devon and beyond.”


Vandalism On CWH

National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) Exmouth has been hit by mindless vandals who have damaged vital life saving equipment  of the charity. The damage occurred on the night of Friday 8th of October, sometime after watchkeepers had left for the evening at 18.30hrs. Station Manager, Ivor Jones said: “The newly erected flagpole on Coastwatch House was bent over as if it had been swung on and the radio mast on the roof, that would relay any mayday calls from marine traffic, had also been interfered with, so missed transmissions could put lives at risk”.
This is the second incident of damage to life saving equipment in the last month. Recently the defibrillator out side the Beach Pub in Exmouth marina was stolen. CCTV is being looked at to try and identify the culprits, but if anyone has any information on this incident then please contact Ivor Jones: or go directly to the police using the 101 non emergency number quoting crime reference number: CR/089271/2.
Volunteer Watchkeepers of the charity made best to repair the damage.





Later news:

Unfortunately NCI Exmouth have been the victim of a second act of vandalism in a week. Our volunteer charity watchkeepers arrived yesterday morning to find the recently repaired flagpole bent out of shape and unusable.
This would have occurred after the last watch on Friday 15th October at 18.30hrs, the same as last week.
If anyone has any information, on this incident or the previous one, please contact the Station Manager or the police as shown above.

Local Notice to Mariners 27/21

Notice is hereby given that Exmouth Rowing Club will be holding a rowing event ‘The Exe Raid’ on Saturday the 16th of October 2021.

Event Start 09.30hrs. All boats to launch and form up, upstream of 10 Buoy. The start/finish line will be set between the beach and 10 Buoy.

There will be two courses of 8 kilometres & 4 kilometres. The race area will stretch from the Safe Water Mark to No 15 Starboard Lateral Mark.

VHF Channel 72 will be used by the race organisers on the day.

Masters of vessels are requested to keep clear of the racing in this area during this event.

Incident – Yachts Aground

NCI observed yacht ‘Joker’ aground. Advised HMCG who requested watchkeeper to monitor situation. Further call to CG to advise yacht ‘Seahorse’ also aground. Watchkeeper to continue monitoring. Exmouth ILB attended. Shortly after ‘Seahorse’ re-floated followed by ‘Joker’. Solent CG informed of successful outcome.

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