Local Notice to Mariners 33/21

Notice is hereby given that No.4 port lateral mark (Q.FL.R) is off position.

The No.4 buoy is lying slightly west of its charted position. Mariners are advised to proceed with caution when transiting the channel into and out of the river Exe.

The No.4 buoy will be returned to position as soon as possible.

Incident – Kite Surfer In Trouble

Call from Solent CG to advise that MoP had witnessed kite surfer in difficulty off RNLI boathouse and ramp. Requested CCTV sweep of area to advise if any kite surfer in difficulty. Nothing visible of concern during CCTV sweeps. Informed CG that nothing visible following CCTV sweep. CG requested NCI to continue observation.

Incident – Yacht No Lights

Call from Solent CG. MoP reported boat at mouth of R.Exe stopped with no lights. NCI informed CG of yacht identity as “Exmouth Aqua”. CG to try and contact yacht to switch on navigation lights.

Local Notice to Mariners 32/21

Notice is hereby given of the works to extend the launching ramp at Exmouth RNLI from the Esplanade to Beach at Exmouth, Devon. These works will continue from 4th January 2022 to 15th February 2022.

The works comprise construction of a temporary sheet piled cofferdam on the lower beach, constructed as a land based activity whilst the tide is out, driving of 8 H piles to support the ramp extension, excavation within the cofferdam to lower the sand level to enable placing of precast concrete beams & planks for the ramp extension. Replace beach material and remove cofferdam as a low tide operation.

Christmas Swim

Due to the recent reported onset of the Covid-19 variant, Omicron, and increasing risks surrounding the transmission of the virus, Exmouth RNLI lifeboats will not be attending on standby at this years Christmas Swims in Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton.


NCI Exmouth volunteer watchkeepers will be on duty on Christmas morning and will be keeping watchful eyes over those on the beach and throughout the festive period. Our trained Watchkeepers will be updating Her Majesty’s Coastguard on any safety issues arising from any of the festive Swims from our lookout on Exmouth Sea Front.

Local Notice to Mariners 31/21

Notice is hereby given that No.33 starboard lateral mark (Q.F.G) is now back on station. Notice 29/21 is hereby cancelled.
Notice is hereby given that No.4 port lateral mark (Q.FL.R) is now back on station. Notice 28/21 is hereby cancelled.

Local Notice to Mariners 30/21

Notice is hereby given that Exe Power Boat & Ski Club will be running seafront motor boat rallies on the following dates:

– Boxing Day: Sunday 26th December 2021 11.00 hours to 15.00 hours
– New Year’s Day: Saturday 1st January 2022 11.00 hours to 15.00 hours

Relaxation of Exe Estuary Byelaw 5 (10 knot speed limit) has been authorised by Exeter Port Authority for participants in both events.

Each event will take place between No.12 Buoy (Mamhead Slipway, Exmouth) and Exe Safe Water Mark (Buoy marking the entrance to River Exe) within a four-hour time slot from 11:00hrs to 15:00hrs.

Each event is provisionally arranged to start at 11:00hrs, but can be later, subject to tidal conditions, weather, or other circumstances. The anticipated time duration of each event is 30 minutes.

Guard Boats will be positioned both within and at the approaches of the course. VHF Marine Channel 6 will be the preferred communications in use. Mamhead Slipway will be the prime slipping facility in use for both events.

Both events are subject to any UK Covid-19 Regulations in force, and will only take place if such Regulations allow.

Both events will be under the control of Exe Power Boat & Ski Club. Details of the events are published on the Club’s Website www.exmouthskiclub.com

Incident – Paddleboarder

NCI asked by HMCG to maintain observation on paddleboarder at Fairway Buoy. Later landed safely on beach.

Local Notice to Mariners 29/21

Notice is hereby given that No.33 starboard lateral mark (Q.F.G) is off station. The buoy will be returned to position as soon as possible.

Local Notice to Mariners 28/21

Notice is hereby given that No.4 port lateral mark (Q.FL.R) is off station. The buoy will be replaced as soon as possible.

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