Incident – Possible Distress in Water

ILB asked for NCI visual assistance in locating any possible distress in water. NCI reported on Ch 00 – no visual seen on optics or CCTV. NCI maintained observation. ILB on the water. Exmouth beach lifeguard also requested NCI assistance to look for person in water. No casualty observed. All services later stood down by HMCG.

Incident – Paddle Boarder in Distress

NCI heard radio comms that Exmouth ILB launched. Phone call from MoP reporting paddle boarder in distress. Call from beach lifeguards requesting visual of possible distress. NCI reported no visual seen. NCI maintained visual observation. NCI heard radio comms of casualty in ambulance.

Opening Times

The NCI Exmouth lookout will be open from 0830 until 1830 from Sunday 31 March until Saturday 12 May.

Local Notice to Mariners 9/24

Lateral Starboard Mark No. 29 light is extinguished.

Notice is hereby given that Lateral Starboard Mark No29 is extinguished.

The light will be repaired as soon as possible.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.
Environment Agency Scientific Survey within the Exe.

Notice is hereby given that the Environment Agency will be conducting a scientific survey within Exe Estuary on April 4th and 5th 2024.

The survey will involve underwater data capture and sediment grabbing for invertebrates, with associated particle size and background contaminant analyses for the assessment of protected features present. The sampling platform will be the 18 m survey vessel Solent Guardian (2GDK7) operated by Briggs Marine and Environmental Services Ltd. (SOLENT GUARDIAN, Law enforcment – Details and current position – MMSI 235096443 –
VesselFinder). A grab with a sampling area of 0.1 m2, will be deployed from the stern gantry of the vessel to recover sediment from each target location.

Please find below the Survey Plan commissioned and produced by Natural England using digitised and fully licenced British Crown and OceanWise layers. Also attached is a list of indicative site positions.

Grab sampling locations are plotted > 250 m from all offshore assets present and > 500 m
from offshore platforms within the survey area.
Skippers are briefed by the Scientist In Charge before the vessel leaves port to ensure
everyone on board is familiar with the survey plan. When within range of coastal stations
the survey vessel can be tracked in real-time via Marine Traffic and contact with other
vessel traffic will be maintained via marine VHF.
Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.

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Incident – Wind Surfer Separated from Sail

Observed wind surfer’s sail separated from board drifting out to sea. HMCG called requesting observation. One person on board paddled safely back to shore. Sail not recovered. HMCG informed of outcome.

Local Notice to Mariners 8/24

Lateral Port Mark No. 10 repositioned.

Notice is hereby given that Lateral Port Mark No. 10 (Light sequence FL.R.3) is now in the following position:

N50° 36.738
W003° 24.793

Local Notice to Mariners: 07/24 (relating to the above) has now been cancelled.

Thank You Exmouth RNLI

Exmouth NCI watchkeepers were welcomed by Exmouth RNLI yesterday to go on board “Shannon” 13-03 Exmouth Lifeboat.  A very interesting and informative visit was enjoyed by our watchkeepers.  In addition, they were able to witness the launching and recovery of “Shannon”.   Thank you Exmouth RNLI for your time and Happy 200th Birthday.

Local Notice to Mariners 7/24

Lateral Port Mark No. 10 has returned to station.

Notice is hereby given that Lateral Port Mark No. 10 (Light sequence FL.R.3) is returned to station.

It is in the following position: N50 36 728
W003 24 763

Please note this position will be adjusted when suitable weather allows.

Local Notice to Mariners: 05/24 (relating to the above) has now been cancelled.

Incident – Vessel Adrift

Call to HMCG – small boat, partially submerged, drifting east past NCI lookout. Bearing 190 degrees, approx 250m. Exmouth ILB tasked to recover casualty vessel. Casualty vessel continues at 190 degrees, drifting out to sea, distance now 400m. Radio call on Ch65 from ILB requesting update on vessel position. NCI advised that casualty position at 194 degrees from lookout. Exmouth ILB recovered casualty onto ILB and returned to RNLI Boat house.

Incident – Dinghy Adrift

Call from HMCG. MoP reported small open boat drifting east along seafront. Vessel observed from lookout. Description given to CG. Vessel length 15ft. No POB. NCI maintained observation. Vessel drifted to stationary opposite RNLI Boat house. Exmouth ILB tasked by CG to recover dinghy and make safe. Exmouth ILB reported to Solent CG – casualty vessel recovered to hard ground.

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