31 December Watchkeeper reported to HMCG large tree trunk floating up river. In absence of Harbourmaster, CG putting out notice of potential hazard in River Exe.

26 December Watchkeeper relayed to HMCG report of potential hazard in channel. Harbourmaster made aware and arranging removal.

24 December Relayed to HMCG report of kitesurfer in difficulty and drifting on outgoing tide. Confirmed sighting to CG and advised position of casualty. ILB launched. Casualty recovered and all stood down.

24 December Relayed to HMCG report of dog in difficulty off Orcombe Point. CRT tasked. Surf Rescue Team retrieved dog safely to shore. Advised CG and all stood down.

19 December HMCG requested visual following report of swimmer missing near Dawlish Warren. NCI reported no sighting, and no wind or kite surfers in the area.

15 December HMCG requested visual following report of boat in trouble near Lifeboat Station. Reported back to HMCG no sighting made.

14 December Call received from HMCG giving details of missing kiteboard. No visual. No casualty. Alerted local authorities.

16 November Watchkeeper alerted first Harbour Master and then HMCG of suspect object apparently adrift in channel. HM aware that No 4 Buoy damaged. Informed HMCG accordingly. HMCG later advised that NFA required.

12 November Watchkeeper asked by HMCG for visual on dingy adrift off Teignmouth. Reported back no sighting. Observed IFV Shelley Marie passing nearby casualty but unable to make contact. HMCG advised NFA required.

27 October  Watchkeeper relayed to HMCG call from MoP re dog fallen over cliff at Otter Point. CRT activated but later MoP had retrieved dog to safety. CG advised.

25 October  Watchkeeper relayed to HMCG call from MoP re paddleboarder in difficulty off Orcombe Point. ILB already responding to kitesurfer in estuary, out of NCI visual, so continued observation of paddleboarder. Later advised CG and ILB paddleboarder safely ashore.

17 October  Relayed to HMCG call from 2 MoP stranded upstream in estuary. ILB launched and CRT directed to scene. Walkers safely rescued and ashore unharmed.

17 October Following report on Ch 65, advised HMCG and continued observation of yacht aground in channel, 4 POB. ILB launched and confirmed occupants content to wait for tide. Yacht later floated off and returned to safety.

15 October Request from HMCG for visual on smoke on horizon reported by MoP. Watchkeeper reported apparent smoke sighted south of Berry Head. CG advised vessels searching in area.

14 October Call from HMCG to advise wing boarder in difficulty, observed by MoP east of estuary. NCI reported nothing immediately visible but shortly after sighted casualty and reported bearing to HMCG. ILB launched and contacted casualty, safe in water. All stood down.

10 October Watchkeeper observed yacht aground on Pole Sands (3 POB including 2 children) and advised Solent CG. RIB later towed yacht into the Marina.

27 September Watchkeeper requested by water taxi to monitor small dinghy capsized in estuary and having difficulty. Observed until dinghy safely moored. Advised water taxi.

19 September Watchkeeper advised Solent CG of kayaker sighted with one person in water. PWC (jet ski) endeavouring to assist also capsized. ILB tasked to incident. Water taxi first on scene recovered casualties and landed them safely ashore.

17 September  Watchkeeper called HMCG re-small yacht broaching in channel and in obvious difficulty, drifting towards Pole Sands. ILB tasked. Yacht “Damselfly” offered help and reported “Arwen” engine failure. Towed to safety. HMCG advised and ILB stood down.

17 September  RNLI called asking NCI to monitor swimmer in difficulty by No10 buoy. Swimmer made it safely ashore.

17 September  Watchkeeper observed yacht in difficulty at Exe Estuary Buoy. Advised HMCG and asked to monitor. Confirmed to HMCG that yacht clearly had steering problems and ILB launched. Yacht towed to safety with lost rudder.

13 September  CG requested any sightings following multiple reports of red flares in sea area south of Sandy Bay. Nothing visible from NCI station. Advised CG of further call from MoP to NCI confirming sightings of red flares/smoke. AWLB and ILB launched and motor boat with engine fire was eventually towed to safety. See RNLI website.

5 September Exe Rowing Clubadvised watchkeepr of paddleboarder and dog in difficulty in fast current by Fairway buoy. Nothing sighted by NCI. Contacted Lifeguard who launched PWC and assisted paddleboarder and child to shore.

3 September  Watchkeeper contacted Lifeguard following siting of kitesurfer signalling in difficulty in strong ebb tide. Jet ski launched and surfer remounted board. Kitsurfer safely ashore.

31 August  Watchkeeper requested by Lifeguard to observe two apparently incapable males fishing from inflatable. Inflatable observed in difficulty in choppy waters by slipway. Jet ski launched to assist. Both males confirmed safely ashore.

23 August  Watchkeeper advised HMCG of yacht aground at No 6 buoy. Yacht later refloated.

23 August  MoP requested NCI maintain observation of windsurfer with broken board while they went to help. Beach Lifeguard launched to assist and situation resolved.

20 August  Watchkeeper called Solent CG re-capsized windsufer in trouble. Asked to monitor. Also called Lifeguard to advise of situation. Shortly after windsurfer righted himself. HMCG and Lifeguard advised.

17 August  999 call from MOP to HMCG reporting dog swimming out to sea. HMCG requested Exmouth NCI to observe and Lifeguard PWC launched. Harbour Master suggested different location and HMCG confirmed dog found safe and well.

13 August  Watchkeeper received phone call from sloop FULMER reporting snagged on lobster lines off Straight Point. No injuries. Reported to Solent CG who later advised that a passing vessel had assisted. No further action required.

9 August  Watchkeeper relayed to Solent CG telephone call from MoP reporting irresponsible behaviour of jet skis and RIBs at Budleigh Salterton. HMCG would contact MoP and act. Later update – HMCG had been inundated with similar complaints.

27 July  Beach lifeguard requested Exmouth NCI help in search for possible missing kite surfer. Nothing immediately visible nor on later second sweep. Lifeguard resolved situation and NCI stood down.

26 July  Watchkeeper relayed call from MoP to Solent CG re-upturned inflatable kayak off Langstone Rock with possible casualty. Continued to observe and update CG. Lifeguard jetski dispatched to retrieve inflatable off No 3 buoy. No casualty. Advised Solent CG and MoP. All units stood down.

21 July  Watchkeeper observed bathers with children using body boards and rubber ring in red flag zone on outgoing tide. Contacted RNLI Lifeguard who attended and spoke to bathers who left the water.

20 July  Watchkeeper advised Lifeguard of pink inflatable rubber ring spotted adrift on outgoing tide. No obvious POB. Also observed large silver rubber ball floating out on ebb tide. Both inflables retrieved by Lifeguard.

17 July  Watchkeeper monitored report from Teignmouth NCI re-jet ski with engine failure and taking on water. Reported to Solent CG that Exmouth NCI had visual contact. Exmouth ILB launched and contacted Exmouth NCI to confirm bearing and distance. Exmouth ILB took jet ski under tow. Tow subsequently transferred to Teignmouth ILB.

12 July  Watchkeeper observed three males in small, apparently unstable inflatable close to No 10 buoy  and being carried east on outgoing tide. Lifeguard informed and contacted again when men signalled for help. RIB attended and towed inflatable to safety. Lifeguard subsequently spoke to casualties.

12 July  Watchkeeper observed two males swimming in fast outgoing tide and being carried out past No 10 buoy. Contacted beach lifeguards who launched jet-ski to pick them up. Swimmers returned safely to beach by lifeguards.

8 July  Watchkeeper observed four youths tombstoning off Mamhead Slipway. Called Exeter City (Exe Estuary) Harbour Master to advise to visit location and give advice. Youths spoken to and dispersed.

6 July  Watchkeeper called Solent CG to report a yacht aground off No 6 buoy on outgoing tide. Lifeguard contacted who despatched jet ski to investigate. CG advised no apparent danger – yacht awaiting tide to refloat. Yacht later refloated and Solent CG stood down observation.

28 June  Watchkeeper contacted by Solent CG following emergency call from MoP reporting small vessel adrift with 2 POB. Gave full description of RIB and POB. Confirmed in no apparent danger. Solent CG requested continued observation but sighting lost. RIB later returned westwards and Solent CG advised accordingly.

3 June  Phone call to NCI from jet ski in estuary with engine failure.Solent CG informed. Jet ski subsequently advised that engine now started and later reported safely ashore. Solent CG advised accordingly. 

31 May NCI observed inflatable dinghy struggling to get ashore with occupants visibly tiring. Informed Solent CG who requested continued observation. Dinghy subsequently landed ashore with occupants safe. Solent CG informed.

30 May  MoP called NCI to report 2 x males apparently intoxicated and in an inflatable adrift in the channel. Solent CG alerted and Exmouth ILB tasked. ILB contacted NCI. ILB came ashore with inflatable and offered advice re-advisabilityof lifejackets, radio, phone and oars.

28 May  2 x females in inflatable with paddles moving rapidly on outgoing tide and apparently going round in circles. Advised Solent CG who remained online as observation continued. Inflatable and POB came ashore further along coastline. Incident concluded. NFA. 

24 May  Call to Tower from MoP advising dangerous behaviour by jet skier at Sandy Bay. Exeter Harbour Master notified who despatched mobile unit as tidal conditions restricted use of boat. Visit subsequently made to Sandy Bay – offender and complainant both spoken to. NFA.

23 May  Solent CG asked NCI to try to determine further descriptions of persons at Orcombe Point following report of missing person. Requested NCI observe and report any sightings. Police helicopter overhead searching coastline. Exmouth and Beer mobiles joined search and requested assistance of Exmouth ILB which was launched. Exmouth AWLB also launched to search between Sandy Bay and Orcombe Point. ILB crew member on beach to assist as tide ebbed. Casualty subsequently found safe and well at home. Services stood down.

22 May  Call to NCI from MoP to advise two-masted yacht aground on rocks at Lympstone. No visible POB. Harbour Master advised. Photo texted from MoP to NCI and transmitted to Harbour Master. Harbour Master endeavouring to identify yacht and owner.

2 February  NCI received call from yacht Cherie aground in estuary off Topsham, reporting 2 POB, engine overheating, no VHF radio, no immediate danger. Rising tide, would call back if assistance required. Solent CG advised. Further call from yacht advising firmly stuck on sandbank and assistance required. CG would contact direct. ILB launched to assist and offer safety advice as yacht had run aground for the third time today. ILB towed yacht off sandbank and back to Topsham.

1 February  MoP called to advise 40ft yacht aground in River Exe off Topsham with apparently 1 POB. Solent CG advised and would follow up. CG later contacted – no further action.

12 January  Watchkeepers called Solent CG to report a vessel adrift and being carried on outgoing tide. CG confirmed already aware and requested NCI keep under observation. Watchkeeper walked along coast to try to keep vessel in sight. Visual lost beyond Orcombe Point. CG advised vessel had drifted out to sea.

1 January  Watchkeepers observed RIB stopped in channel. Pan Pan broadcast by Solent CG re-RIB broken down. NCI confirmed to CG that they had RIB visual. Later call to CG advising RIB still adrift. Informed vessel has no VHF radio, but occupant has adequate clothing, lifejacket and flares. CG in contact via mobile radio. Exmouth ILB launched and towed RIB to Marina for CRT check. Pan Pan cancelled by Solent CG.

p.o.b. – persons on board

m.o.p. – member of public

RHIB – reinforced hull inflatable boat

ILB – Inshore Life Boat