Exmouth Coastwatch is one of the over 50-strong network of National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) lookout stations around the UK’s coasts. We work with the Coastguard and the RNLI by keeping watch over the estuary and the beach 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


NCI stations form a national volunteer service which keeps a visual watch for people on the water and the beach who may get into difficulties.

At Exmouth, the sea approaches to the estuary can be dangerous in strong onshore winds and swell, as can the strong tidal and river streams inside the estuary mouth.

These present unique hazards to the variety of small boats, personal watercraft and bathers who make use of this marvellous leisure facility.

We are all volunteers. Being a watchkeeper is a responsible community role, but it’s also sociable and enjoyable. From the lookout – above the Harbour View Café on Queen’s Drive – we have the best view of the lower Exe estuary!

Coastwatch News

Yacht In Difficulty

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Yacht Adrift

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Incident – Red Flares

CG requested any sightings following multiple reports of red flares in sea area south of Sandy Bay. Nothing visible... Read More


As there are currently no red flags on Exmouth beach and no RNLI Lifeguards on duty, we have today... Read More