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Help - Weather Station Display Problems

The Weather Display Live software which is used to present the weather display on the web relies on 4 components i.e. a web browser, Adobe Flash Player, Java and the weather station data.

Recent security issues have prompted a number of updates to most browsers, Flash Player and Java.  The way that Flash Player handles security issues has also changed in some cases.  It is therefore very difficult to analyse specific implementation problems but the following should help if you are having problems viewing the weather station display.

Firstly, follow the section below which relates to your browser.  If this does not fix your problem, refer to the Java section at the end.

Firefox Browser

Firefox works ‘out of the box’ and there should be no issues with viewing the weather display.  If you are experiencing issues, please see the section on Java security below.

Chrome Browser

Ensure that our website is allowed to display Flash content by adjusting your Chrome settings:

Open Chrome Settings by clicking on the 3 dots symbol at top right and select Settings


Click on Advanced at the bottom of the page


Under Privacy and Security, select Content settings


Select Flash

Under Allow add 'http://www.exmouthcoastwatch.co.uk’ to the list.


Internet Explorer

Check that Java is enabled in the browser by clicking on the setting gear icon at top right and selecting Manage add-ons


Ensure that the Java Helpers are enabled.


If this has not solved the problem, proceed to the Java configuration section below.

Microsoft Edge

No solutions for Edge have been identified.  To view the weather station, select the 3 dot icon at top right and click on ‘Open with Internet Explorer’



We have not been able to resolve the incompatibility with the Opera browser after recent updates.

Java (all browsers)

If the above does not help, you can ensure that Java runs properly by adding the coastwatch website address to the list of sites allowed access to Java runtimes.  To do this, in the Windows search box type ‘Java’ (without the quotes) and select ‘Configure Java’ or ‘Java Control Panel’.


Click on the Security tab


Check that that the tick box labelled Enable Java content in the browser is checked.

Further Java Configuration

If the above fails to fix your problem, there is a further step in the Java configuration which has proved successful.  This step, however, carries a security implication whereby if a hacker was to take control of the Exmouth NCI website they could, in theory, access your PC by exploiting a Java based malware downloaded to your machine.  The step might be useful in determining where the problem may lie.

Open up the Java Control Panel and select the security as described above and click on Edit Site List


Add http://www.exmouthcoastwatch.co.uk to the Exception Site List


A warning will be displayed and you will be required to click on Continue.

Click OK, OK to complete the configuration change.