Incident – Yachts Aground

NCI observed yacht ‘Joker’ aground. Advised HMCG who requested watchkeeper to monitor situation. Further call to CG to advise yacht ‘Seahorse’ also aground. Watchkeeper to continue monitoring. Exmouth ILB attended. Shortly after ‘Seahorse’ re-floated followed by ‘Joker’. Solent CG informed of successful outcome.

Incident – Safety Hazard

HMCG requested NCI visual of possible hazard of floating flotsam (log) off Dawlish Warren. Watchkeepers unable to see any hazard via optics or CCTV.

Incident – Kite Surfer In Difficulty

NCI asked by HMCG for assistance in search for kite surfer possibly in distress. CG informed of no visual of distressed kite surfer. Observation maintained by NCI. Kite surfer assisted ashore by two other kite surfers.

Incident – Loss of Power

NCI heard ILB tasked to incident adjacent No17 buoy. NCI had visual on CCTV. HMCG advised of continued observation. Casualties recovered to Starcross by ILB.

Incident – Yacht In Difficulty

Yacht ‘Sea Pigeon’ contacted Exmouth NCI concerned that yacht was entangled with mooring buoy. NCI informed HMCG and that Exeter Harbour Master will assist. NCI advised ‘Sea Pigeon’ to liase with Harbour Master on Ch12. Notification from vessel ‘City of Exeter’ on Ch65 that ‘Sea Pigeon’ freed and underway. NCI informed CG.

Incident – Engine Failure

Yacht ‘Lapelle’ called NCI on Ch65 to advise speedboat ‘Looney’s Leisure’ broken down at channel mouth. NCI informed HMCG. Beach Lifeguard jet ski set out to casualty and Exmouth ILB launched. ILB quickly alongside casualty and towed ‘Looney’s leisure’ to marina.

Incident – Recovered Unmanned SUP

NCI advised by MoP that unmanned SUP board recovered. HMCG informed by NCI. NCI later confirmed to HMCG that SUP board now claimed.

Incident – Drifting Inflatable

Watchkeepers asked by HMCG for assistance in search for inflatable with 3 POB drifting off shore at Dawlish Warren. Shortly after HMCG confirmed casualties safe.

Incident – Missing Yacht

Request received from HMCG to look out for yacht Tinkerbell. HMCG later confirmed incident closed.

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