Incident – Capsized Kayak

In response to request from HMCG, watchkeeper confirmed no visual on capsized kayak in River Exe. ILB launched and ambulance requested. Radio activity recorded from scene. Casualty taken to hospital and SAR assets stood down.

Incident – Yacht Aground

Watchkeeper requested by HMCG to maintain observation of yacht aground at low tide. No concerns for crew. Yacht waiting on rising tide to refloat.

Incident – Kite Surfer Tangled Rigging.

Watchkeeper monitored kite surfer stranded on Pole Sands at low tide. Advised HMCG of potential situation arising. They requested continued observation. Later confirmed to HMCG all equipment retrieved and people safely ashore.

Incident – Surfboarder In Difficulty

Call received from HMCG requesting visual following report of surfer in difficulty in estuary. No sighting possible. Radio traffic indicated local CG on scene to check out.

Incident – Hazard To Shipping

After failing to contact Harbour Master, advised HMCG of potential hazard in shipping channel. Later managed to contact HM and update position of hazard.

Incident – Kite Surfers In Difficulty

Watchkeeper contacted by HMCG for sighting of kite surfer reported in difficulty off Pole Sands. Confirmed sighting of three kite surfers in no apparent difficulty.

Incident – Log Adrift

Following observation of IFV taking avoiding action, watchkeeper contacted HMCG to report large tree trunk (5 – 6m long) in channel causing potential danger to shipping. HMCG issued Warning to Mariners.

Incident – Log Hazard

Watchkeeper reported to HMCG large tree trunk floating up river. In absence of Harbourmaster, CG putting out notice of potential hazard in River Exe.

Incident – Hazard In Channel

Watchkeeper relayed to HMCG report of potential hazard in channel. Harbour Master made aware and arranging removal.

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