Incident – Log Adrift

Following observation of IFV taking avoiding action, watchkeeper contacted HMCG to report large tree trunk (5 – 6m long) in channel causing potential danger to shipping. HMCG issued Warning to Mariners.

Incident – Log Hazard

Watchkeeper reported to HMCG large tree trunk floating up river. In absence of Harbourmaster, CG putting out notice of potential hazard in River Exe.

Incident – Hazard In Channel

Watchkeeper relayed to HMCG report of potential hazard in channel. Harbour Master made aware and arranging removal.

Incident – Capsized Kitesurfer

Relayed to HMCG report of kitesurfer in difficulty and drifting on outgoing tide. Confirmed sighting to CG and advised position of casualty. ILB launched. Casualty recovered and all stood down.

Incident – Dog In Difficulty

Relayed to HMCG report of dog in difficulty off Orcombe Point. CRT tasked. Surf Rescue Team retrieved dog safely to shore. Advised CG and all stood down.

Incident – Missing Swimmer

HMCG requested visual following report of swimmer missing near Dawlish Warren. NCI reported no sighting, and no wind or kite surfers in the area.

Incident – Lost Kiteboard

Call received from HMCG giving details of missing kiteboard. No visual. No casualty. Alerted local authorities.

Incident – Channel Buoy Out of Position

Watchkeeper alerted first the Harbour Master and then HMCG of suspect object apparently adrift in channel. HM aware that No 4 Buoy damaged. Informed HMCG accordingly. HMCG later advised that NFA required.

Incident – Dinghy Adrift

Watchkeeper asked by HMCG for visual on dingy adrift off Teignmouth. Reported back no sighting. Observed IFV Shelley Marie passing nearby casualty but unable to make contact. HMCG advised NFA required.

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