Incident- Yacht Adrift

Advised HMCG of yacht adrift in estuary and grounded on sea wall. Harbour Master attempted unsuccessfully to lift off. HMCG updated. Yacht later towed off by Harbour Master on rising tide.

Incident – Suspicious RIB

Following report of commercial RIB behaving suspiciously, HMCG asked NCI for visual and information. Advised CG that ‘Voyager’ with 12 POB departed Exmouth at 0940. Later confirmed to CG that RIB returned with same number of POB.

Incident – Tombstoning

Watchkeeper informed HMCG of 15 children observed tombstoning off Mamhead slipway. On advice of CG also reported to Police and Lifeguards. Children departed prior to Police attendance.

Incident – Woman In Difficulty

Phone call received from HMCG requesting surveillance following report of woman in difficulty in mud between Dawlish and Exe estuary. Reported to HMCG nothing visible. Following launch of Lifeguard PWC, all stations stood down.

Incident – Broken Down Jet Ski

ILB launched following report of broken down jet ski (PWC) in estuary. Watchkeeper located casualty on CCTV and reported to HMCG. Exe Sailing Club RIB towed PWC to safety.

Incident – Woman On Cliffs

HMCG requested visual on woman seen on cliffs threatening suicide. None possible but monitoring continued through CCTV. ILB launched. Police and CG Rescue Team on cliff path. Casualty later safe – with Police.

Incident – Kayak Adrift

Call received from MoP abandoning kayak in river due to strong currents. Will be retrieved at low water. Watchkeeper advised HMCG accordingly.

Incident – Leisure Craft In Difficulty

Watchkeeper asked by HMCG for sighting of small yellow craft reported by MoP off Budleigh struggling towards Exmouth. Continued to monitor area using CCTV. HMCG issued radio alert to boating in area. Nothing seen. All later stood down.

Incident – Swimmers In Difficulty

Watchkeeper observed three swimmers attempting to swim back from Pole Sands and in difficulty. Advised RNLI Lifeguards who dispatched PWC to investigate. Casualties returned to shore by Lifeguards one at a time.

Incident – Swimmers In Difficulty

Report from MoP regarding two swimmers already being observed at No 10 buoy. Advised RNLI Lifeguards who dispatched quad bike. Harbour Master on scene to return swimmers to shore.

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