Incident – Walkers Stranded

17 October  Relayed to HMCG call from 2 MoP stranded upstream in estuary. ILB launched and CRT directed to scene. Walkers safely rescued and ashore unharmed.

Incident – Yacht Aground

Following report on Ch 65, advised HMCG and continued observation of yacht aground in channel, 4 POB. ILB launched and confirmed occupants content to wait for tide. Yacht later floated off and returned to safety.

Incident – Smoke Visible

15 October Request from HMCG for visual on smoke on horizon reported by MoP. Watchkeeper reported apparent smoke sighted south of Berry Head. CG advised vessels searching in area.

Incident – Wing Boarder in Difficulty

Call from HMCG to advise wing boarder in difficulty, observed by MoP east of estuary. NCI reported nothing immediately visible but shortly after sighted casualty and reported bearing to HMCG. ILB launched and contacted casualty, safe in water. All stood down.

Incident – Yacht Aground

10 October Watchkeeper observed yacht aground on Pole Sands (3 POB including 2 children) and advised Solent CG. RIB later towed yacht into the Marina.

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