Local Notice to Mariners 11/21

Notice is hereby given that given that No.14 port lateral buoy (red unlit) is now back in position. Notice 10/21 is hereby cancelled.

Notice is hereby given that on the 20th of April, essential maintenance is due to be undertaken on the approaches to the Exe Estuary Channel.

On the 21st work will be undertaken to deepen the channel in the region of No.21 starboard
lateral buoy.

Masters of vessels are requested to proceed with caution at both areas on both dates.

Local Notice to Mariners 10/21

Notice is hereby given that No.14 port lateral mark (red unlit) is off station. The buoy will be replaced as soon as possible.

Low Tide

During the recent very low tides one of our watchkeepers, with her back to the sea, took this photo of the coast off Exmouth showing Rodney Point to Orcombe Point.

Local Notice to Mariners 09/21

Notice is hereby given that the lower vertical, red fixed light on the fixed post at Turf entrance is now reinstated.

Notice 04/21 is hereby cancelled.


Congratulations from all at Exmouth NCI to Paul Draper who is celebrating fifteen years service as a watchkeeper, trainer and assessor. Read more in the Exmouth Journal.

Opening Times

With BST almost upon us, the lookout will be open from 0900 – 1800 from Sunday 28 March and 0830 – 1830 from Thursday 1 April. Our RNLI Lifeguard colleagues will also be on the beach from 2 April (Good Friday).

Air Sanitiser

Exmouth NCI today took a socially distanced delivery of an Atmos-Clear Mini air sanitising system, which destroys 99.9% of all viruses (including coronavirus), and will be installed in our lookout to provide added health and safety benefits for all our volunteer watchkeepers whilst on duty. Phil McGuinness from Atmos personally delivered the new machine to our watchkeeper Zan Nye.

Cold Water Swimmers

Cold water swimming is said to have many health benefits – but it could also be very dangerous, with some swimmers putting themselves at risk. Click below to read this article about Exmouth NCI concerns.

Local Notices to Mariners 07/21 & 08/21

07/21 Notice is hereby given that in the approach to the river the Exe No.5 lateral mark (green unlit) is now in position Lat. 50° 36.308′ N – Long. 003° 23.970′ W.

Notice 03/21 is hereby cancelled.


08/21 Notice is hereby given that the two green vertical lights on Trout’s Pontoon at Topsham are extinguished until further notice.

Local Notice to Mariners 06/21

Notice is hereby given that Exeter Port Authority have established a new ‘East Cardinal Buoy’. The buoy is east of the permanent wreck, situated south east of Cockwood.

East cardinal buoy position: Lat. 50° 36.874′ N – Long. 003° 26.505′ W.

Light characteristics Q(3)10s.

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