Dredger MANNIN

The dredger MANNIN, registered in Padstow, started work today in Exmouth Marina and will be working for 50 days with a short break at Christmas. The spoil will be dropped 7nm out to sea in a designated “Spoil Ground”.





Thank You

A big thank you to the Co-Op in the Magnolia Centre, Exmouth for now having raised over £500 from our collection tins that they kindly have in their store. Their support is very much appreciated and particularly in these present times when fundraising has been greatly reduced.

Exeter Port Authority – Lockdown

Exeter Port Authority is still waiting for confirmation from the Government regarding the new lockdown rules. Click here to see the current interpretation of the rules which are likely to change on receipt of greater clarity from the Government.


The Director of HM Coastguard confirms that the National Coastwatch Institution is a coastguard declared asset and NCI watchkeepers are classified as key workers and thus will be maintaining watchkeeping throughout the lockdown. The Lookout will be open 7 days a week from 0930-1600.

Local Notice to Mariners 19/20

Top pillar of no 4 (Q.R.) buoy is missing

Number: 19/20 Date: 25 October 2020

Notice is hereby given that the top pillar of no 4 (Q.R.) buoy is missing. The base of the buoy is still in situ.

Attempts will be made as soon as is practically possible to change the buoy.

Mariners are advised to navigate through the approach channel with caution.

New Opening Times

With clocks going back one hour tonight, the opening times of the Exmouth NCI lookout will be changing tomorrow to 0930-1600 until further notice.

Local Notice to Mariners 18/20

Changes to the marking of the gas pipeline crossing the river Exe

The marking of the gas pipeline that crosses the river Exe has been changed.

The post with the yellow cross locally known as the ‘gas perch’ has been removed and
replaced with a 2 metre high yellow special mark buoy Q.Fl.Y with four smaller special mark
buoys to the North, South, East and West. The two marks on the North and East side are lit
Fl.Y and the two yellow special marks to the South and West unlit so as not to cause
confusion when approaching Port hand lateral mark no 20 from the North or South.

The four smaller yellow special marks form a box shape around the main taller special mark
and are clearly marked as GAS PIPE NO ANCHORING. All the buoys are fitted with a yellow
cross top mark. These buoys indicate a boundary line covering the gas pipeline from the
Eastern shore at Lympstone to the Western shore close to Starcross.

Mariners are reminded that anchoring is prohibited within the area of the pipeline. The
transit markers on the East and West river banks remain unchanged.

The fixing post on the seabed for the old gas perch post is still in situ, and is due to be
removed on the 17th of October 2020.

Mariners are advised to keep clear of the area around all of the new marks.
For further advice please contact the harbour office on;
Email: epa@exeter.gov.uk
Telephone: 01395 223265

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