Water Safety talk to cubs

Following a very successful Coastal Water Safety talk to The Beavers of the 3rd Exmouth Scout group, NCI Exmouth were invited back to hold a similar session with their Cubs.
The session was attended by 16 young people between the ages of 8 and 10. Karen, John and Gill gave a 30 minute power point presentation during which the young people asked many searching and sensible questions. They were keen to share their stories and experiences around the subject.
This was followed by a practical session where they learned how to keep themselves safe if they came across a person in trouble in the water. How to offer assistance from the shore and how to call for help. After an lively and engaging evening, all the young people were given ‘Float To Live’ wristbands and water safety booklets to take home.
Coastal Water Safety Officer , Karen Goldby said “ It was an inspiring evening to see the young people so keen to learn and show a genuine interest in what we were presenting to them. We look forward to our up and coming session with the older group – The Scouts”