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07.12.14 White hulled ketch (no visible name) Sail No.5610Y went aground bearing from Exmouth NCI tower 168 degrees approx 0.5nm beyond Pole Sands.  No radio messages for help but advised Solent CG – advised no danger to casualty – requested to observe and advise of refloating – no distress signal. ILB launched – ILB crew member walked across Pole Sands. ILB crew member spoke to yacht crew and reported all OK.  Solent CG requested continued observation.

25.08.14 Observed kite surfer in difficulty. Observed his return to the beach. Scanned to locate board. Observed it off Dawlish Warren Point – 50.36.8N 3.35.7W – informed Beachguard. Rep sent to Coastwatch Tower to observe. Jet ski to investigate. Incident concluded.

09.08.14 Brixham CG requested Exmouth NCI to spot a small inflatable craft with two p.o.b.. Incident reported by 999 call. Supposed to be moving from Dawlish Warren towards Exmouth. No craft observed and Brixham CG advised.

30.07.14 HMCG Brixham radio report by member of public – vessel aground on Pole Sands. Phoned HMCG Brixham with update – vessel ‘Seahorse’ remains at anchor in water. Brixham HMCG requested we keep watch. ‘Seahorse’ later under way western passage. Informed Brixham HMCG.

29.07.14 Regal speedboat “Chinato” advised Brixham CG of engine failure – dropped anchor and requested tow to Exmouth marina. Exmouth NCI confirmed to Brixham CG of observation and location between 6 and 7 channel buoys. Pan pan call from Brixham CG for any vessel in area to assist. “Chinato” advised Brixham CG that a tow was arranged with Exmouth marina. Exmouth marina work boat attended and was able to start the engine and “Chinato” returned under her own power.

27.07.14 MV “Lindy Loo” reports engine failure to Brixham CG. Taken under tow by passing RHIB but not enough engine power to tow against tide and requests assistance. Brixham CG request bearing and distance from Exmouth NCI and to continue observation. Exmouth water taxi takes over tow to Exmouth marina. Brixham CG advised of safe return.

27.07.14 Fishing vessel “Southern Angler” reported to Brixham CG large floating wreckage 10m long considered a danger to shipping. Unable to tow or retrieve. Brixham CG requested Exmouth NCI to keep visual watch and advise bearing and distance of “Southern Angler” and request “Southern Angler” to remain on station so that Exmouth ILB could attend and retrieve the wreckage.

16.07.14 Brixham CG advise a 21ft MV with engine failure. Located off Exmouth RNLI station. Advised Brixham CG of two P.o.b.. Passing RHIB alongside offered assistance – again manned by Exmouth NCI watchkeeper Doc Martin. Gave tow to Exmouth marina in tough outgoing tide conditions. Brixham CG advised of safe return.

13.07.14 Portland CG requested Exmouth NCI to identify speedboat with one p.o.b. and report bearing and distance from tower to Brixham CG. Casualty taken in tow to Exmouth marina. Brixham CG advised of safe return.

01.06.14 Pan Pan call from “Gin Slammer” with engine failure. Gave incorrect position as off Ladram Bay when in fact they were off Sandy Bay. RHIB in area offered assistance and tow - manned by Exmouth NCI watchkeeper Doc Martin. Towed back to Exmouth marina. Brixham CG advised of safe return.

19.04.14 Two man jet-ski with engine problem 200m off Pole sands. Brixham CG advised and requested to continue observation. Later engine started and returned to Exmouth marina. Brixham CG advised of safe return.

18.01.14 Kite boarder with suspected equipment failure observed making way from Pole Sands to Dawlish Warren. Brixham CG received 999 call from m.o.p. and requested visual observation. Continued to observe kite surfer and surf boarder self rescue from Pole sands and both reported to Brixham CG they had returned to beach safely.



p.o.b. - persons on board
m.o.p. - member of public
RHIB - reinforced hull inflatable boat
ILB - Inshore Life Boat