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11.12.16 A member of the public reported to Watchkeepers John Mabbott and Ivor Jones that a seal pup was stranded on the beach between the Tower and the RNLI Station. Situation reported to the RSPCA. Exmouth CG mobile reported on scene and controlling crowd awaiting RSPCA arrival. Contacted Solent CG who had responded to separate call from member of the public - concerned about large number of people close to the water. British Diving Marine Life Rescue later arrived on scene and the pup was taken to West Hatch Sanctuary for feeding before release.

22.10.16 Watchkeepers Tony Howell-Jones and Mike Fowler reported to Solent CG log drifting East 100m+ from Tower. Solent CG to deal with via ILB when available.

19.09.16 Watchkeepers Dee Scott and Ruth Burnett observed white yacht (2 POB + dog) aground on Pole Sands bearing 280 approx 100 metres from Dawlish Warren on falling tide (LW 1440). Contacted Solent CG - asked to observe. Yacht remained stable as tide fell and appeared to be waiting for rising tide to refloat. Yacht refloated and returned to Marina at 1655.

14.09.16 Watchkeepers John Melton, Hilary Lloyd and John Cox observed blue yacht (2 POB) stationary on Pole Sands bearing 170 approx 1 mile from Tower. Called Solent CG - meanwhile yacht refloated, got underway and proceeded towards Exe buoy, eventually passing Tower and entering estuary.

23.08.16 Watchkeepers Colin Wells and Hugh Sutherland observed 2 adults in rubber inflatable (no oars) 200 metres West of NCI Tower - boat drifting East towards the Tower and picking up speed - both occupants trying to ‘hand paddle’ towards shoreline. NCI contacted RNLI beach patrol as several people calling to occupants - beach patrol threw life line and buoyancy aid to casualties and pulled to safety.

21.08.16 Watchkeepers Paul Martin and Arnold Kanerak received Pan Pan from yacht ‘Egret’ - aground on East edge of Pole Sands at bearing 145 degrees. Solent CG request that we keep a watching brief  - informed we had them under observation. Exmouth ILB launched. ‘Egret’ towed off Pole Sands by ILB who accompanied them to ‘Egret’s mooring. ILB then returned to station and Pan Pan cancelled.

12.08.16 Watchkeepers Tom Earls and John Cox called Solent CG to report suspicious RIB with 3 young males onboard, one talking on mobile and pointing ashore. RIB moved slowly from estuary entrance past NCI tower and out to entrance buoy taking approx 15 minutes to make that journey. RIB passed close to sports fisherman and was last spotted heading east past Straight Point at approximately.Left with Solent CG with request to report any further sighting.

09.08.16 Watchkeepers Paul Draper, Peter Cleasby and trainee David Marten heard on Ch 0 of missing person. Contacted by Solent CG - 13 year old boy last seen 200m east of RNLI Exmouth. Reported missing. Not been seen approx 1hr. Described as wearing red T shirt, black tracksuit bottoms. Boy stated he was running back to Crealy. Solent CG confirmed boy found.

07.08.16 Watchkeepers Derek Knight and Steve Chessum received radio call from yacht ‘Maverick’ reporting two young children on Bull Hill, River Exe with body boards who appear to be unaccompanied.  Concern that two children appear young and unaccompanied. Solent CG contacted and relayed report of two children as above.  Exmouth ILB tasked to attend Bull Hill to investigate situation. ILB found two children with an inflatable, not in any trouble and returned to station.

03.08.16 Watchkeepers Yvonne Anderton, Hilary Lloyd and trainee Sandy Paskins contacted by Solent CG re-kiteboarder being swept out to sea near No 1 buoy - could we observe. Had visual and canoe with 2 persons and RNLI jet-ski assisting. ILB recovered casualty plus 2 persons from canoe, together with canoe and kiteboarder's equipment, and returned to boathouse.

28.07.16 Watchkeepers Colin Bytheway and Mike Dance saw tender from yacht ‘Norse Sand’ adrift off Pole Sands drifting up stream. Yacht ‘Norse Sand’ underway 2 miles to the south. CG informed – called ‘Norse Sand’ on Ch.16 – no response. Beach Rescue asked if able to recover tender. Jet ski despatched but unable as tender now on rocks. Tender recovered to shore by member of public - yacht 'Norse Sand' and CG informed of status and location of tender.

06.07.16 Watchkeepers John Melton and Hugh Sutherland received call from member of the public - whilst walking on the beach at Sandy Bay noticed dog owner trying to recover his dog from down the cliff. Informed Solent CG. Fire and Rescue recovered dog to beach and stood down.

18.06.16 Watchkeepers John Davies and Mike Dance received call from HMCG - a motor boat reported via 999 call to say ‘aground, anchor dragging plus engine failure’.  CG requested if casualty was visual or not.  Confirmed visual and did not appear to be in distress.  Position plotted as 280 degrees from NCI tower. Motor boat re-floated and proceeding under own power - Solent CG informed.

13.05.16 Watchkeepers Charles Darke and Dee Scott received mobile phone call from yacht 'Sarah' with message that had run aground by 35 buoy in River Exe, was not in danger, with one person onboard. Solent CG informed. Yacht contacted by Solent CG - no action required as crewman leaving by dinghy and will await tide turn.

10.04.16 Watchkeepers Steve Chessum and Patrick McCahearty reported to Solent CG male standing on Pole Sands with kite under his arm. No indication he was in trouble but strong incoming tide and force 5 wind. Private RIB from harbour collected male and returned him to beach. Solent CG informed and ILB stood down.

09.04.16 Watchkeepers Colin Bytheway and Mike Fowler observed 18ft rowing boat adrift from estuary floating out to sea. ILB launched and recovered boat to Belsher slipway. 

14.02.16   Watchkeepers John Melton and Bill Nash were on duty in the Tower when the owner of "Monty", a retriever, called the Tower to inform us that in a Shoreline Incident his dog had fallen over the cliff at Otter Mouth, Budleigh Salterton. Exmouth NCI contacted Solent CG who enlisted the help of the Sidmouth Inshore Lifeboat (ILB) to rescue Monty. By coincidence, one of our off-duty watchkeepers was in Budleigh at the same time and took these photos. Monty was successfully reunited with his grateful owner, Mr O'Conner.  

02.01.16 Watchkeepers John Melton and Graham Nye were on duty in the Tower when the owner of yacht "Ellen" reported that she had broken loose from her mooring at Cockwood in the previous 24 hrs following him falling overboard and injuring himself. He had managed to make shore to be rescued despite his rope burns and hypothermia for which he was temporarily hospitalised. Exmouth NCI advised Solent Coastguard who requested that we maintain observation for the vessel on the falling tide. They also initiated a search with the aid of the Exmouth Harbourmaster.  40 mins later we were advised that the vessel had been located and towed into Exmouth Marina.



p.o.b. - persons on board
m.o.p. - member of public
RHIB - reinforced hull inflatable boat
ILB - Inshore Life Boat