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9 June  Watchkeepers observed kitesurfer unable to get back on his board. Solent CG informed and kept under observation. Kitesurfer collected by RIB launched from shore and returned safely to shore.

28 May  Yacht in very poor condition observed heading out to sea. Exmouth Water Taxi contacted watchkeepers to report his concern. Solent CG informed. Yacht briefly put into Exmouth harbour and then observed heading east. No further action.

13 May  Watchkeepers observed kitesurfer unable to re-launch and attempting to swim against an ebb tide to shore with kite. Informed Solent CG and continued observation. Observed passing paddle boarder and RIB moving to kitesurfer to assist. RIB towed kitesurfer safely to shore. Solent CG informed. No further action. 

7 May  Yacht radio message to NCI to inform he had run aground but in no need of assistance. NCI informed Solent CG who requested continued monitoring. Yacht later refloated. No further action.

5 May  Watchkeepers informed Solent CG that yacht had run aground on sands off Dawlish Warren. No sign of distress. Solent CG requested continued observation. Radio message from Solent CG to yacht who confirmed they would wait for rising tide to refloat. Yacht later refloated. No further action.

16 April Watchkeepers observed two walkers possibly stranded on a small sandbank bearing 131 degrees from the lookout. Solent CG advised who requested continued observation. Walkers later made their own way to shore safely. No further action.

8 April Solent CG requested observation on a report that a wooden motorboat had run aground in the estuary near Powderham Castle. Exmouth NCI confirmed location from chart references. Exmouth ILB launched, reported that it was unable to remove vessel and returned to station.

5 April Telecom from MoP relayed to Solent CG concerning yacht drifting off the estuary shoreline. Believed to be same yacht previously reported on 2 Apr. Advised Solent CG of previous incident and reported that Station Manager was proceeding to location for visual check. Solent CG advised of MoP contact details and SM update. SM advised Solent CG that yacht was the same as previously reported. Solent CG informed the Harbour Master and owner and closed the incident.

2 April MoP reported grounded yacht on the estuary shoreline. Report of yacht ID passed to Solent CG. Solent CG called back to advise that the yacht owner had already been informed. No further action.

9 March MoP reported to NCI boat or aircraft debris beached on west side of Orcombe Point. Solent CG informed. HMCG will investigate.

24 February  Watchkeepers observed two capsized kayakers in difficulty on seaward side of Pole Sands. Solent CG informed and requested observation and report. Kayakers managed to re-board and proceed safely. Solent CG informed and no further action.

23 February Yacht leaving Exmouth grounded on Pole Sands. Watchkeepers informed Solent CG who requested observation to continue. Solent CG requested further details on incident - yacht high and dry with crew onboard. Exmouth ILB tasked to assist. No assistance required - yacht will wait for rising tide. Observation continued but no further action.

p.o.b. - persons on board
m.o.p. - member of public
RHIB - reinforced hull inflatable boat
ILB - Inshore Life Boat