Local Notice to Mariners 12 /21

Notice is hereby given that Safe Water buoy “Exe” is now on station at the entrance to the Exe Estuary. Position Lat. 50° 35.895N – Long. 003° 23.736W

Notice 5/21 is hereby cancelled.

The following lateral marks have been repositioned within the main channel leading to the Exe Estuary.

No.4 Port lateral buoy. Lat. 50° 36.186N – Long. 003° 23.996W.

No.5 Starboard lateral buoy. Lat. 50° 36.306N – Long. 003° 23.958W.

No.6 Port lateral buoy. Lat. 50° 36.291N – Long. 003° 24.024W.

Mariners are reminded to update pilotage plans for entering or leaving the Estuary.