Local Notice to Mariners 13/21

Notice is hereby given that Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd will be installing a beach access ramp alongside the new Sideshore facility in Exmouth. Works on the beach will include pile driving, placement of concrete deck units and the erection of timber handrails, together with the associated movements of tracked plant and equipment.

All works will be undertaken in the dry, without the use of floating plant. The start on site date is Tuesday 4th May and they anticipate that the work will take 6 to 7 weeks to complete.

Construction of beach ramp –

50°36.7022’N 03°24.4106’W

50°36.7159’N 03°24.4848’W

50°36.6964’N 03°24.4893’W

50°36.6856’N 03°24.4076’W

50°36.7022’N 03°24.4106’W

For further information please contact Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd on 01626 866 066