Local Notice to Mariners 19/21

Establishment of a new starboard hand lateral mark

The consent of the Corporation of Trinity House under section 199(2) of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995, is hereby conveyed to Exeter Port Authority to the establishment of a new starboard hand lateral mark with light character Fl (2) G 5s in position Lat. 50° 36.991’ N Long. 003° 26.292’ W named “Hinton”. This new mark is now in place.


The area known as Bull Hill Bank within the Exe Estuary has increased in area and spread to the West particularly as a spit between no’s 15 and 17 starboard lateral buoys.

From no 15 buoy looking up to 17 there is no clear line of sight and to transit North, mariners have to alter course toward no 14 port hand lateral buoy before altering course toward no 17 once the bank has been cleared.

This is not so much of an issue at low water or in daylight because the obstruction is clear to see but in the dark there is a potential hazard for marine traffic going up and down the river.

Therefore we have introduced a fresh starboard lateral buoy which will be outside of the normal numbering system and be simply called ‘Hinton’ and be positioned at the widest part of the spit.

The buoy may be moved quarterly accordingly, due to the shifting nature of the sand spit.

We have named Hinton buoy after the recently retired Exmouth resident Mr Andrew Hinton, the Geographic and Technical Manager at the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office who was responsible for the publishing of the new Admiralty chart no 2290.

(Webmaster note: Andrew is also a NCI Exmouth watchkeeper).